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Nose Tip Plasty Surgery

Nasal tip is the most prominent and visible part of the nose and sometimes can be the only part which bothers you the most. Especially if you have a bulbous tip, droopy tip, wide tip, wide nostrils, nostril asymmetries etc.

Nasal tip is made of cartilages, muscles, fibrous tissues, minimal fat, and skin layers. All compartments can be corrected, improved, and defined with a nasal tip plasty surgery.

Comparing to the actual rhinoplasty surgery tip plasty is easier, faster and recovery time is extremely shorter. During a full rhinoplasty procedure extra work on nasal bones and cartilages on the bridge area causes more swelling, bleeding and bruising so pain and recovery time is longer than a tip plasty surgery.


Tip plasty surgery can be done under local anaesthesia or sedation and takes about 45 mins.

Tip platy starts with a small incision on the skin in between nostrils like a rhinoplasty surgery. Elevation of skin envelope stops immediately after exposing the tip cartilages and all other tip structures.

Bulbous tip cartilages can be trimmed to have more defined slimmer and lifted tip, nostrils can be narrowed for more narrow and symmetric nostrils, thick skin can be also undermined for more definition.

If there is a septal deviation in the tip area, septoplasty can be also easily done during the tip plasty surgery.


Tip plasty surgery needs minor suturing and bandages so patients can go back to work next day if they want to. Sutures are usually self-dissolving, and bandages may be applied for 3-5 days. Sometimes silicone splints can be used to support the tip and sutures and they will be removed in 3-5 days.

If you have a septoplasty surgery alongside the tip plasty, nasal silicone splints or sponge dressings will be removed in 3-5 days.



  1. How will I know if I need a full rhinoplasty or a tip plasty?

Dr Deniz Kanliada will examine your nose during the consultation and will also check inside of your nose with a camera. He will advise you accordingly for the best results.

  1. What can I achieve with a tip plasty surgery?
    1. Bulbous tip can be defined
    2. Droopy tip can be lifted and supported
    3. Wider nostrils can be narrowed
    4. Slight bumps on the cartilage bridge can be trimmed
    5. Breathing can be improved
    6. Tip can be more pointed and slimmer
  2. What cannot be done with a tip plasty surgery?
    1. Dorsal hump and wide nasal bone needs rhinoplasty surgery under general anaesthesia
    2. Crooked nose
    3. Asymmetries on the bony or cartilaginous dorsum
  3. What is the minimum age of nose surgery?

You need to be minimum +18 years old to have any nose surgery

  1. When I can see my end results after the surgery?

After a tip plasty surgery majority of the swelling will be gone in 4-6 weeks’ time and results will start to show but end results will settle in 9-12 months.

  1. Is Tip plasty scar different than a rhinoplasty scar?

Tip plasty is done with the same incision as rhinoplasty surgery so scar will be same.