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Non-Surgical Face Lift

Non-Surgical and Regenerative Face Lift

Aging is a complex process and mainly has three main effects on our faces.

  • Hollow areas due to volume loss
  • Loose and excess skin due to sagging
  • Dull and damaged skin due to lack of collagen and elastin

Volume loss is because of losing fat compartments due to aging, losing our muscle tonus and strength, and shrinking of our bony skeleton.

To restore the volume, we can use your own fat harvested from your body and filter it to have the stem cell enriched part to inject in the hollow areas and in deep lines.

Hyaluronic acid fillers are also very effective for volume restoration and collagen boosting to improve deep lines like laugh lines or marionette lines, to give more volume in certain areas like temples, cheekbones, chin and jawline and also to improve the collagen production in the skin.

Sagging is also a result of volume loss and shrinking of our bony skeleton framework.

Fat transfers and fillers will restore the volume and improve the skin quality to a certain level, but sagging will need extra support like threads, lasers, radiofrequency, or high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) or surgery.

We may combine fillers and threads, fat transfer with threads or other combinations to correct both volume loss and lift the sagging skin and boost your own collagen for much younger appearance.

Non-surgical face lift is highly effective to have more younger looking cheeks temples, improving dark circles, correcting deep laugh lines, lifting your eyebrows, tightening your jawline and neck, also improving your skin quality.


Regeneration process can be summarized as the repairing process of the tissues damaged by aging, free radicals, environmental factors, genetic factors etc.

Loss of collagen, elastin and main elements in the skin layers, fat compartments and bony framework will need to be repaired, replaced for the anti-aging purposes.

Stem cells have unique abilities to self-renew and to recreate functional tissues. Unlike muscle cells, blood cells, or nerve cells—which do not normally replicate— stem cells may replicate many times. So, we can use them to generate more collagen in a specific area and regenerate muscle cells, fat cells and even bony framework which are affected by the aging process.

FAT and Stem Cell Enriched Injections

Fat and enriched stem cells injections can be easily done in the clinic under local anaesthesia.

Fat cells are harvested with a special vacuum syringe from flanks. Then with our micro filtering systems we will filter the harvested fat cells to have the best injectable product; fat fillers enriched with stem cells.

Fat and stem cells then will be injected with a blunt canula to improve deep lines, to have fuller cheeks, defined jawline, brighter under eyes, restore volume in the temples, hands etc… also stem cells will have a regenerative effect in the long run to slow down the aging process to improve collagen and repair damaged tissues and replace them with healthier tissues.


Fillers combined threads will be the easiest and fastest way of correcting both volume loss and sagging together at the same time.

We use different types of threads for different age groups and different problems.

All threads are self-absorbable, and they promote the collagen production up to 15-18 months even after they are absorbed. So, the results will last up to 15-18 months. When combining the fillers with threads result will last even longer.

PLLA and PCL Thread Lift

Poly L lactic acid + caprolacton thread lift is like pdo threads with barbs, because of the material they last longer, and they promote collagen for longer period. Lifting capacity is limited with the PDO Cogged threads but collagen production is better. So, they are more ideal for patients who do not have bad sagging but loose skin on the midface which needs more skin tightening and mild lifting.


Local anaesthetic %2 lidocaine is injected in the entry points and in the area of threads 10 mins before the treatment, so pain is non to minimum.


These are semi-permanent threads and recovery time is up to 2 weeks and results last up to 4-5 years.

After Care

Patients should avoid extreme laughing, mimics, chewing first couple of days, avoid gym, physical activities, sun exposure, other facial treatments including massage for 2 weeks.


  1. Which treatment will be more ideal for my face? Threads, fillers, fat, or surgery?
    Deniz Kanliada is very experienced with all type of face lifts and will advise you during your consultation depending on your age, concerns and goals.
  2. Which threads are more ideal for my face and should I combine it with fillers?
    Dr Deniz will advise you threads according to your face and usually combining them with fillers give superior results
  3. Do I need to take some time off work after the treatment?
    After the thread face lift, minimum swelling, bruising, and minimum pain is expected for 3 days but these usually will not prevent you to return your normal routine next day.
  4. How many threads will I need for my face?
    Usually 3-6 threads each side are recommended depending on the severity of sagging in the area. If you also want to lift the neck at the same time additional 2-3 threads are added on each side.
  5. Are threads visible or will I feel them under my skin?
    Threads are inserted in deep layers and you will not feel them or see them outside. Tension may be felt while laughing or eating for couple of days.
  6. Can I apply my face creams after my treatment?
    First 2 days patients should avoid make up, cleansers, scrubs and apply only antiseptic cream twice a day. After 2 days make up can be applied with antiseptic cream for another 2 days. Scrubs and peels can be done after 2 weeks.