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Micro Fat and Nano Fat Transfer for Face Rejuvenation.


Aging process is a complex process which mainly involves volume loss and sagging. When you are aiming for the best antiaging treatment, it has to improve both volume loss and sagging.

Fillers and toxins have limitations and lasers, or other machinery systems are not effective to improve both volume loss and sagging and they do not last very long.

Stem cells are the main core cells in the body that can turn into specific cells, as the body needs them like, collagen fibres, muscle cells, bone cells, skin cells etc.

In adults mesenchymal stem cells are mainly found in cartilage, bone and fat tissues.

So your own fat tissue can be a very good source of stem cells to regenerate your own damaged cells in specific areas. Stem cells enriched fat is one of the best material to inject to correct volume loss and improve sagging while rejuvenating and repairing the cells from within.

Fat grafting is a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure used to restore volume, improve collagen, elastin, improve sagging, rejuvenate the skin for a youthful appearance to the face and neck.



Procedure is performed under local anaesthesia. Local anaesthetics are injected in the lateral thighs and the face. Fat is removed usually from lateral thighs with a syringe and a small cannula.

Fat is then filtered to separate the blood and fat cells and its ready to inject to enhance volume in specific areas like cheeks, jawline, temples, chin to restore natural volume. Because the cells used are all from the patient’s own body, risk of allergic reaction is eliminated, and results are natural and beautiful.

If skin rejuvenation is also required, harvested fat can be micro filtered with a special filtering system called “ NanoCube or LipoCube” to have stem cells enriched micro fat and nano fat, which can be injected more superficially to rejuvenate the skin rejuvenate under eye dark circles, improve the skin on the neck or skin on every part of the body.


Fat is harvested through a small incision on the lateral thighs which will be closed with sterile strip tapes and an elastic bandage may be applied depending on the patient’s lifestyle for a couple of days. Injected areas on the face and neck can bruise and look swollen up to 2-3 days then will settle nicely. Patients can walk home after the procedure and showers are not allowed for 2 days. Antibiotics are usually needed for 3 days.


Micro fat and nano fat injections are enriched with stem cells and after the treatment depending on the blood supply in the area, lifestyle, smoking etc, results should last many years and % 50-70 of the fat will stay like your own fat in the area and stem cells will keep regenerating the cells and rejuvenating the skin for. As a result, your face/neck and skin will keep improving in the next years.


  1. What is the minimum age for the fat transfer procedure?
    • Nano fat can be used for skin rejuvenation especially for dark circles, acne scarring if you are +18
    • Micro fat transfer is usually needed when you have deep laugh lines, hollow temples, when you need volume restoration on your cheeks, jawline
  2. Will my legs or tummy have scarring after fat harvesting?
    • Fat is taken on the lateral thighs with a small incision around half cm and heals nicely without any scarring unless it got infected or you are prone to develop scarring
  3. How long do I need to take off work for fat transfer?
    • Apart from some swelling and bruising first couple of days, most of the patients can go back to work the next day. If you have pain in the legs or tummy you may need to rest 1-2 days at home.
  4. Can I remove my belly fat, double chin or fat in my legs during the treatment like a liposuction?
    • For fat transfer, we need to harvest around 60-100 mls of fat depending on the goals and it’s not designed to remove fat like a liposuction procedure
    • If you have a limited amount of fat in the area and you want to have a slight improvement it can be done at the same time.
  1. Will I ever need fillers or Botox after fat transfer?
    • Fat transfer will last longer than a filler but sometimes to create perfect symmetry you may need to have some fillers couple of weeks after the treatment.
    • Wrinkles on the face and on the neck is caused by the muscle activity and it will still need botulinum toxin to relax the muscle.
    • You can easily combine fillers, fat and anti-wrinkle treatments.
  1. Can you dissolve the fat if I don’t like the results?
    • Fat injections are not reversible like fillers, but fat is injected in the deep layers and its not common to have disturbing asymmetries. Fillers can be used to improve symmetry if it is necessary.
    • Once the fat is settled in a couple of months, some fat-dissolving lasers, injections may be tried.