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Meet Dr Deniz Kanliada

A well-known ENT & Facial Plastic Surgeon based in Harley Street. Practicing in aesthetic industry for more than 12 years and operated more than 1000 surgeries in Istanbul, UK and Cyprus. Dr Deniz works with all types of facial aesthetic procedures and non-surgical treatments. Dr. Deniz is a specialist in both surgical and non-surgical Rhinoplasty. A trainer himself, he runs a surgical Rhinoplasty course on Cadavers every 6 months. (For more details on the course please submit the enquiry form). Our team of specialist English and Turkish speaking surgeons and medical practitioners offer private medical, surgical and cosmetic consultations at our Group Florence Hospitals clinic at 42 Harley Street, London.

Cosmetic/Plastic Surgeon of the year 2019 Highly Commended Surgeon Award Winner! (Safety in Beauty Diamond Awards) - known as Nose King 👑
Ice Aesthetic



Rhinoplasty weekend in Turkey
Rhinoplasty in the UK
Revision Rhinoplasty


Tummy Tuck
Breast implant
Breast lifting
BBL (Brazilian butt lift)



I had been considering to undergo a thread lift procedure in order to lift, define and tighten my jawline… I had consultations with cosmetic surgeons in the past but was very hesitant to go ahead due to total lack of trust which was holding me back. I’m very delighted to say that having met Dr Deniz Kanliada I immediately felt at ease with his expertise. He gave me the results that I was hoping to achieve. He explained the procedure in detail and provided advise on aftercare. He was very caring and pain was minimal as he made it as comfortable as possible. With him you are in safe hands. Overall my jawline now looks stunning…!! I cannot reiterate enough as to how happy I am with the result!!


I saw at least 5 doctors before i decide to go to see Dr Deniz. You can easily understand his knowledge and experience about nose job and i trusted him had the treatment. And the result is far away better than i imagined. I am sooo happy.He is a star and his work is 10/10. Highly recommended.


I am extremely happy with Dr. Deniz’ work and the results I got. While I can see significant improvements on my face, nothing looks fake or asymmetrical. He doesn’t encourage you to get anything done just for the sake of it. He will do it if you really need it!