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Neck Care Anti Ageing

The ageing neck is one of the most challenging areas to deal with.

The most common signs of an ageing neck are the development of vertical muscle bands, sagging skin, horizontal lines, and excess fat deposits. Muscle bands occur due to the regular use of the platysma muscle, with the vertical lines representing the muscle edges.

Losing collagen, elastin in the skin, and loosening of connective tissue support accelerates ageing. Due to technology our head position has changed over the years and looking at your phone, or laptop all day also causes the neck lines to get deeper.

The laxity of the neck and the thickening of the strong muscular platysma also contributes to the downward pull on the face and jawline and the appearance of jowls.

Necklines will not go away by home exercises or diet, or gym also will not disappear with face or neck yoga.

Treatments For Neck Care:

  1. Preventative treatments:
  • Mesotherapy injections: Vit C, peptides, amino acids and hyaluronic acid injections
  • LED mask for neck for mild skin rejuvenation
  • Profile injections for lines and tightening
  • Botulinum toxin injections for horizontal lines and vertical bands
  1. RF and HIFU: Sessions of RF for younger patients and HIFU for older patients will promote collagen production and increase firmness
  2. Endolift Laser: One of the best laser applications for the ageing neck which tightens and promotes collagen underneath the skin.

Most of these treatments can be combined with each other and there is no downtime.