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Breast Augmentation

Surgery to increase the volume of their breasts due to their naturally small size or following extreme weight loss, pregnancy or breastfeeding.

The procedure involves placing silicone implants under the breast tissue by making a small incision either in the armpit, around the nipple or under the breasts. The implants are then placed either in front or behind the chest muscles depending on the size of the patient’s chest.

Round or Anatomical Breast Implants?

There are two types of silicone implants used in breast enlargement surgery, namely round and anatomical. Round implants are very popular due to their fuller and proportioned shape. Alternatively, anatomical implants are shaped like a teardrop to mimic the natural look and feel of a real breast.

Both round and anatomical implants come in smooth and textured versions. Textured implants are designed to stay securely in their position, while smooth implants are less likely to ripple. During the initial consultation, your surgeon will take all this into consideration as well as your body type and desired results to choose the right breast shape and size for you.

Procedure Time
Breast Enlargement surgery lasts around 1-2 hours.

Breast Enlargement surgery is performed under general anaesthesia.

You can return to your daily activities in 7-14 days. You will be required to wear a support bra during this period.